Reasons for wearing Retainers and how to take care of them

Feb 28, 2017


Reasons for wearing Retainers and how to take care of them

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  • Retainers are a huge asset for patients to help them correct their teeth and create the perfect smile. They are considered by most dentists as the most successful treatment for straighten the teeth, so let’s look closer at some of the reasons and advantages that comes after wearing braces for some time.


    To mention some of the benefits patients can get from wearing retainers, I can number a couple such as helping to correct speech problems and biting form just to name a few. But one thing I can suggest is that it is very important to follow your dentist guidelines during the entire treatment to get the best results possible.

    Why Use a Retainer?


    As you may know by now, retainers are used as treatment to straight the patient’s teeth, more specifically in the last phase of most orthodontics treatments. Once the braces are removed, the teeth can shift back to their previous crooked position, and this is where retainers come in.

    Most dentists suggest their patients to use their retainers when going to sleep at night to help maintain the position of the straightened teeth and in some cases they instruct them to use them for more longer time.


    Retainers reduce the chances of suffering dental diseases


    Most studies point out that straight teeth are easier to clean, which helps to cut down the plaque buildup and reduce the chance of getting cavities and such. Also they correct the person’s bite, allowing them to chew their food more efficiently and thus getting more nutrients from their meals.


    By having better teeth, the saliva production also increase, this helps the body to produce more digestive enzymes that also cut down the plaque, decreasing the chances as we said of cavities and other dental diseases to kick in.


    Preventing Diabetes


    Wearing your retainers every day will not only help your teeth get correctly aligned, they also help to reduce the chances of getting dental diseases too. And that’s not all, other benefit that comes with wearing retainers is that they help to counteract diabetes-related ailments, another good excuse to use them!


    Improve your breathing


    An advantage that is often unseen by some people is that retainers can help improve their breathing. It is said by experts, that apart from helping straighten the teeth and align the jaw, retainers also help getting rid of snoring at night, so it is a good idea to consult with your dentist if you have some kind of trouble breathing or snoring and he or she can help you solve it with a special retainer.


    Speech Problems


    Other scientific studies reveals that using retainers can help patients solve their speech problems thanks to the fact that they help to adjust the tongue placement so you can perform sounds correctly when they speak, this is most recommended on kids as they are constantly developing their vocabulary.


    Wearing your retainers daily

    Getting in the habit of using your retainers every day can be very daunting, so keep the following tips in mid so you can get used to it pretty quickly.


    Buy a big case for carrying your retainer so that way it will pretty difficult for you to lose them. If you have kids, help them choose one that is their favorite color or put stickers with their favorite cartoon to keep them motivated to keep them close.

    Another trick to get your kids motivated to use their retainers, especially when they have to use it overnight, is to encourage them by giving them little rewards or treats, like the tooth fairy. Put some money or any other prize that they will like, like some kind of sugarless candy, prepare their favorite breakfast for a full night of wearing their retainer.


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