Great tips to have a whiter smile

Mar 3, 2017

Great tips to have a whiter smile

Great tips to have a whiter smile

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  • One of the most asked questions dentists receive from their patients is how to have whiter teeth, a whiter smile. That’s why today we are going to give you some nice tips on how to get a beautiful bright smile like the celebrities just by following a series of simple tips that you can do every day. Trust me, it won’t get any easier than this.


    For starters I have to say that one of the most important keys to having a great shining white smile is to have all the tools available at hand so you can take care of your teeth real nice. Some of the stuff you want to pick up in the store or pharmacy is a good tooth brush, dental floss and mouth wash.

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    Oh well! Let´s continuing with our tips on how to get a whiter smile, shall we?


    Good dental hygiene habits


    The first step is to have superb oral hygiene to ensure your smile is whiter than the stars. To achieve this you have to brush at least twice a day. One thing you want to have handy is a toothbrush with soft bristles to treat your mouth real nice. Don’t forget to apply the correct brushing technique and for that it is better to do it vertically and horizontally rather than applying circle motions.



    Don’t’ apply too much pressure though, you don’t want to wear down the enamel of the tooth and leave your teeth open to caries and other diseases. After you are done brushing you can then use some dental floss to get rid of the food debris that gets stuck between the teeth. One good tip is to be very careful and nice to avoid harming your gums in the process.


    Then you can rinse your mouth with a little water, but if you want to get rid of germs and bacteria you’d want to use mouthwash instead. Rinse your mouth with a little after you are done brushing and flossing and then you are good to go.

    Let’s talk now about food


    The next point is to be aware of the stuff we eat. Many people don’t know that certain food stain badly the teeth and they eat a lot or even practice certain habits that certainly harm your teeth and are the wall that gets in the way to get that white smile they have always wanted.


    Avoid to drink too much sodas, wine and coffee overall. These are the most common drinks that we all drink very often that tends to stain the teeth, but if you cut them a bit you’ll be fine. Instead you should try to eat more fruits, pears for example, are really good for your teeth because they are just natural and better than all the sugar and processed stuff that comes with most of the food we consume today.


    Another bad habit for your teeth and health is tobacco. Smoking stains your teeth real bad and is very harmful for your health too. I’m not kidding, and you probably already know but smoking can lead to many problems besides just staining your teeth. It can lead to gingivitis, and let not even start talking about cancer, so if you are a smoker please try to quit it as soon as possible.


    Well, that’s all for today advice. I hope you are doing ok and see you in the next article. Please don’t forget to visit our dentist at least twice a year and remember, if you want good prices go to Los Algodones, Mexico!

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