I went to Los Algodones and it was amazing!

Mar 8, 2017

I went to Los Algodones and it was amazing!

I went to Los Algodones and it was amazing!

Hi everyone! I want to tell you about something really cool that I did last month and share my experience with all of you. I went with my girlfriend to the lovely border town of Los Algodones, Mexico to get some dental and let me tell you in advance that it was well worth it.


Around the holydays in December I was in a dinner with my girlfriend and my family in Colorado, Denver and chatting with some friends too. We were just chilling and I noticed that one of my best friends had a sparkling white smile and this surprised me a lot because he never was that kind of guy. Honestly, I always remember him as the guy with bad teeth (don’t hate me Jared).


So I felt really intrigued and asked him about his teeth and he respond me with a grim “I just went to Los Algodones, man”. He then proceeded to tell me about his adventure in Mexico and how dental treatment was cheaper there so I felt that it would be an interesting trip to make. I convinced my girlfriend to try it out and we decided to go to Los Algodones to get some cleaning and whitening.

First we prep a lot, we surfed a lot around the web, trying to find the best clinic in the town and compared prices. It didn’t take too long after we decided for a dental clinic called Dental del Río. We called them and they were really nice to us and their English was really good! They spoke the language really well honestly.


How to get to Los Algodones


After we booked an appointment with Dental del Río we decided to flight to Yuma, Arizona and then drive to Los Algodones. We decided this was the best way to get there because it was recommended by the clinic and several reviews we found online. Surprisingly all the process was really easy and simple and we arrive to Yuma without any problem at all.


We then rented a car and drove southwest from Yuma about 7 miles until we reached the US-Mexican border, it took us about 10 minutes or so. We leaved the car in the Quechan parking lot just outside and we proceeded to enter into Los Algodones. Again, this was highly recommended by the reviews we read when we were researching before going in this trip.

Oh man! When we first stepped into Los Algodones, Mexico it was one of the craziest sights I have ever witness in my entire life! There were people everywhere, most of them tourist and street vendors but a lot of stores. We learned that a there are a lot dentists and pharmacies in Los Algodones, like some kind of growing business or something.


We didn’t have any trouble to find our clinic and arrive quite early, like half an hour or so. Our appointment was for 1 o’clock and we were attended very punctual. The waiting room was really comfy and nice and even had a nice TV screen and WiFi!


On of their pro images I found in their facebook page

Then Dr Zali Bojorquez called us and we received our cleaning and whitening. She used laser whitening and treated us really well. She was very fluent with her English and solved all my doubts and concerns in the process. If I was to rate Dental del Río I would give them 10 out of 10, easily.


We were done after an hour or so and my girlfriend was really happy with her result too! So we called it a day and then returned to the US back from where we came. And that’s my story, I really enjoyed and was satisfied with my cleaning and definitely will come back for more. All the myths were true and we saved a lot of money.


Oh, don’t forget your passport when going to Los Algodones or you are going to have trouble when crossing the border when returning home.

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