Homemade remedies for toothache you don’t wanna miss!

Mar 10, 2017

Homemade remedies for toothache you don’t wanna miss!

Homemade remedies for toothache you don’t wanna miss!

Oh, man! Toothache totally sucks! We all have felt it, the sudden pain in a tooth, the discomfort and the desperation of not knowing what to do to relieve it. Today my friends we are going to put an end on it because I got some nice tips and tricks to share with you. These are some homemade remedies that are really useful to solve toothache in a pinch.


As many of you may know, toothaches are the result of some kind of disease or infections that can ultimately lead to tooth decay. This can cause sensitivity teeth at first and then serious damage to the tooth. Being extremely dangerous because it can risk to get more infections in the long run.

Other conditions that are closer to toothache are gum disease, such as gingivitis and tooth fractures. Sinus infections are also a concern too because it can result in bursts of pain, so in case of having some of these affections you will need the help of dentist to fix your teeth and tone down the pain.


Unfortunately we don’t have and immediate answer to mitigate the pain every time. You can stop feeling hopeless because today I have a couple of homemade recipes to stop the pain form toothaches on their tracks.

Use simply salt and water

By just mixing two teaspoons of salt in a glass of water and rinsing with it you’ll feel certainly a lot better. If the water is warm the results will be a lot better. Besides, this will help to relieve the pain and clean the area besides disinfect it. This works because the salt will draw out the excess fluid around the swollen gum located around the tooth affected.


Just avoid using too hot or cold water because you can cause a shock to your teeth and you’ll end up worst than you was on the beginning. So be very careful!

Using ice cubes

Ice can be an effective solution since cold can ease the pain or swelling when applied. So using an ice pack or wrapping ice in a towel you can numb the area affected. Don’t be dumb and apply ice directly to the tooth, you don’t want to feel the most excruciating pain you’ll experience in your life.


Oil of cloves and your teeth


You can find oil of cloves in health food stores. Mostly used to cook, many people don’t know that it can help you to relieve the pain from toothache too. Apply a couple of drops in a piece of cotton or a little q tip to place it very carefully in the tooth affected.  Diluting the oil of cloves in some olive oil before using them is a good idea to avoid the strong taste of the unguent.


Other options you can apply too!


This can sound a little crazy, but exercising can help a ton to relieve pain. Moving around, jogging and some light lifting and help people to distract form the toothache. This happens because exercising makes the body to produce and release endorphins and these hormones are natural pain killers.


One golden advice is to meditate to guide your mind to travel into a state of relaxation enough to eliminate the sensation of toothache. This can be achieved by concentrating on pleasant thoughts and breathing very slowly, deeply, calmly. To help the cause you can listen to some music too.

Besides all these tips, you can find excellent remedies in pharmacies. You can ask your local drug store for some excellent remedies but honestly you will find the best products and prices in Los Algodones, Mexico. Besides finding the best solutions available for toothache, Los Algodones dentists prices are very low too! Allowing you to save 70% in any dental treatment you may need.

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