Teeth and self esteem

Mar 19, 2017

Teeth and self esteem

Teeth and self esteem

Howdy! Today I want to touch an interesting subject for me.  Many people don’t pay attention to this matter, but there are some patients that they do mind. We are talking about teeth and self-esteem, they play a huge role in every person’s confidence and mental health.


And why is that exactly? Because of looks and image. We have this pre conception about what is attractive and one of the must to be accepted in the society is a white, shining, beautiful smile. Having a nice smile is a sign of having great health too, so taking good care of our teeth is a step to getting that smile that can get the love of our lives or the acceptance of others.


Most humans aren’t perfect, we all know that. It’s easy to follow a good oral care routine to clean your teeth and gain that white smile but there are some things that are not in our hands. Wisdom tooth growth, accidents, and some other unfortunate diseases can ruin our precious smile and no dental hygiene can save you from that.


In some cases it is only a matter of genetics the reason why some people have crooked teeth. And sometimes we don’t stop to think about how that can affects us. One thing I can say for sure is that the state of our teeth can do a lot for our self esteem.

Many of the patients that enter a dentist office with some kind of problem that needs a treatment for their teeth are really shy and nervous because their teeth are a little crooked or have some kind of condition. They always refer about how insecure they have become thanks to their image, and they just want to have a beautiful smile that they can be proud of.


They talk about how they are afraid to go in public, interact with people and simple thing like talking and eating become a chore with a lot of pressure. Some patients even go that far and live recluse like hermits because they can’t seem to show themselves out there because of their smile. The impressive thing in all this is that in some cases it is not that big of a deal!


And patients after their teeth are fixed always show up to consult with a big smile and a nice mood and attitude. It can get so contagious! Some of them even go and pursuit some career like modeling or acting, showing great confidence and social skills. All this thanks to their teeth and smile. And I can see why, having the acceptance of others and smiles backs at you when you look at them and show your teeth are really empowering and encouraging.


How to get that beautiful smile


And some of you after reading all this may wonder: How can I get a beautiful smile? I understand because getting dental treatment in the US is really expensive. But today I’m going to share a secret. Only two words, Los Algodones.


Los Algodones, Mexico is a border town located 7 miles southwest from Yuma, AZ just after crossing the border and is the home of more than 300 dentists. The cool thing about this is that Los Algodones dentists prices are 70% less than our country, allowing tourist from all over the United States and Canada save a lot of money traveling to another country

How crazy is that? It’s like some kind of vacation with dental included. And beside this, all costumer can get some really nice deals on prescription meds and glasses too, so dental isn’t the only star of the show. Think about it and book an appointment in Los Algodones to get started in the path to get the beautiful smile you deserve to have.

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